Corporate Profile

Kailash Auto Finance Limited (KAFL) was incepted in with a dream to venture seamlessly through the financial needs of the country on the anvil of global growth. Today, the organization stands on solid foundation. It funds various ventures in an economy that is ever growing. It believe in the spirit of entrepreneurship and helps dream of grit and determination transform into reality. The ideology of “Make in India, now seems real and it is its mission to make our national fulcrum of this ideology.

The company was originally incorporated as Shivam Commercial Services Limited as a public Limited Company on 14th November, 1984.

The Company changed its name from Shivam Commercial Services Limited to Kailash Auto Finance Ltd w.e.f. 8th April, 1992. It is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The CIN of KAFL is L65921UP1984PLC006829.

The company is primarily focused in providing inter corporate loans, personal loans, loans against shares & securities, loans against properties, trade financing, bills discounting, trading in shares & securities and arbitrage business in stock market and trading in shares & securities. Being an NBFC company the company has positioned itself between the organized banking sector and local money lenders, offering the customers competitive, flexible and timely lending services. It’s mission is to provide finance and loans through swift processes for various business purposes and to meet the ever hanging demands of the new age technopreneur and retailpreneur.

Ms. Careful Projects Advisory Limited and Ms. Panchshul Marketing Limited were amalgamated with Kailash Auto Finance Ltd with effect from 1st April, 2012.